Review speaks of premium service and yet, there isn’t much we could learn by looking at feedback from their customers. With the 20% discount that they seem to be offering regularly on the website, seems attractive to those who need help with their applications.

However, when you are searching for a job, you don’t have money to waste on average or scam companies. For this reason, we’ve checked the company by making an actual order to see if their offers are valid and their services are as great as they say. Keep reading to find out the truth.

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Range of services

The range of services was wider than we expected. In addition to professional resumes that would land you a job, also has a service for aspiring college and university students. One of their services includes a resume and application help for college and graduate school admission.

Other services include professional resume, executive resume, entry level resume, military transition resume and federal resume. All these are individual resume services. This company does not give customers an opportunity to get a package, or any other application item such as cover letter or thank-you letter either.

Basically, the range is wider in the sense that it goes further than just aid with a job search. However, it is very limited in terms of the actual job search. Except for a resume, you can’t get any other type of help from So, if you are searching for a cover letter or a LinkedIn profile makeover like other companies offer, this isn’t a place where you can get that.

Prices, discounts and special features

The prices vary based only on service type. Since the deadline is same and you can’t really select a different one, there’s just one offer for each of the resume types we discussed above. The professional resume applies to those with over two years of experience and comes at a rate of $190. The executive resume is for C-suite and senior management and costs $230, while the entry level resume that can be used by those with 0 to 1 years’ experience costs $150.

Because of the discount of 20%, these prices become more affordable and somewhat bearable for a person who needs resume help. However, the reality remains that is one of the higher priced resume companies, especially since their high rates only get you a resume, and the left of the application is still up to you to finish or order elsewhere.

The academic resume costs $110 and is the cheapest one in their offer. Military and federal resumes come at the same price as the executive resume, which is $230 for a deadline of 4-5 days.

Writers certification and guarantees

Not much is said about the certifications and qualifications of the writers who work here, which concerned us a bit. Not knowing who writes your resume sounds risky, especially with a service who doesn’t have many guarantees in the first place.

Except for their many promises of quality and great writing, there isn’t a guarantee that ensures you get the resume you need or that you will get a revision if something’s wrong with it.

Quality of an ordered product

We got more information about how the company works and how they handle delivery once we contacted their customer support. Then, we ordered our resume from their writers to see what their writers are capable of doing. In the process, we did not get a chance to talk to the writer as is the case with other resume companies, so we were a bit concerned about the delivery.

The writer delivered a draft in three days, but the draft was quite poorly written and not at all formatted in a decent resume format. We sent our revision requests and remarks and waited for another 3 days to get the resume revised, which was longer than what the support agent told us it would take.

When we finally got the resume, it wasn’t much improved. It was solid, but the quality was far from enough for that high price we paid.


No information about the deadlines is provided on the site, so we decided to reach the agents for some clarification. According to their agent, the deadline for each resume is 3 days until they provide a first draft. After that, you can request changes by contacting the support agent, and the writers should deliver the final resume in 24-48 hours. This was supposed to be the case, but in our case, it took longer than five days.

Customer support

Most services of this kind offer shorter deadlines and more varied lists of services, which is where failed us. They also provided an average resume for a high price and, despite their 20% discount and nonstop support, the offer was still not worth it.

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