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ZipJob is an online platform providing resume writing services to job seekers. The company hires writers from all industries so that they can cover the entire job market. When you are looking for a job, you need to get a professional resume so that you will increase your chances of getting hired. Keep reading to find out if ZipJob is indeed your best partner in helping you get that interview you need so much.

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3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
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2 out of 5 stars (2.0 / 5)
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Website Overview

Many zipjob reviews discuss the fact that the company has a professional looking website. They use a well-structured layout, but unfortunately there is very little quality information available. We wanted to check the background of the writers, and there is no information whatsoever. The website also lacks enough quality descriptions of the services provided. Job seekers need to have access to very detailed information before they place an order here. Even if the site overall looks professional, it lacks essential points.

ZipJob Services and Quality Overview

According to genuine zipjob resume reviews, the company provides low quality of services. The writers are not highly professional and the resumes are not highly professional. The company offers 3 different resume writing packages: Launch, Fast Track and Premium. The launch package includes a resume, keyword optimization, communication with your writer and unlimited revisions.

In our opinion, keyword optimization is pointless, because the HR department will not actually scan the resume’s content for keywords. Then, the Fast Track package also includes additionally a LinkedIn update and a cover letter.

Prices and Discounts

In order to offer you a highly detailed zipjob review we have checked the prices charged by this company. They charge the prices per package. For example, the Launch package costs $139, the Fast Track package costs $179 while the premium package costs $299. It is important to mention that the company also allows customers to pay in installments, such as paying 4 installments of $85 instead of the full cost of $299. After some quick math you will find out that paying in installments in not that advantageous, because the final cost would be $330 instead of $229.

Regarding discounts, these are inexistent. They do not offer a free resume review or a discount of 20% for first time orders. All highly reputable resume writing companies offer enticing discounts in order to attract more clients.

zipjob pricing table


Zip Job does not offer any guarantees. They do not offer the plagiarism guarantee or the order completed by best writer guarantee. You just have to buy the package that you want and you need to be satisfied with what they offer. They also do not offer the Money Back guarantee, and you should know that all major companies have this guarantee in place. In case you are not satisfied with the quality offered, they should give your money back.

Online Reputation of ZipJob

When we perform a review, we always check the online reputation of the respective company. For this zip job review we have thoroughly checked all relevant online platforms to see what is the reputation of this platform. Unfortunately, we found only 1 and 2 star reviews from reputable customers. These testimonials were talking about the poor quality of the services offered, and the overly expensive prices.
They also do not have a good presence on Reddit, and all the testimonials complained about plagiarism found within the resumes delivered.

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ZipJob Deadlines

We have placed an order here to see if they respect the deadlines. Sadly, the writer missed our deadline by 3 days and this is unacceptable. We needed that resume to apply for an important job, and after paying $299 the Resume is useless. They do not respect deadlines and you cannot stay in contact with the writer to check upon the progress of your paper.


Zip Job does not have a reliable customer support. We actually had to call them 3 times until we managed to talk to someone. Then, they do not have an instant messaging window. This is the most important feature as it would allow customers to write about their concerns to an expert in the field and they should receive instant answers. With such poor customer service, no wonder the testimonials are so negative as well.


We did not encounter big issues regarding the usability of the site. The website loads fast, even though there is very little quality information you can browse through. The Zip Job site is not well categorized, because you cannot find quickly what you are looking for. For example, they do not have separate tabs for Samples, Contact, Discounts, Packages and so on.

Conclusion for ZipJob

We do not recommend using Zip Job for getting your resumes here. The company is not reliable and it charges very expensive prices. The samples they offer are irrelevant and the resumes they write are filled with plagiarism. There is no discount available even on your first order, and you cannot contact the writers through instant messaging.

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