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What does a hiring manager pay attention to when selecting candidates for an interview? Have you ever wondered about that?

  • First of all, they will be interested in your qualifications. What previous positions have you worked on? Were they similar to the position you’re applying for? Did they help you gain enough experience? Are you an industry expert?
  • They will check to see if you have the needed education. That’s important for some positions, especially ones that require technical expertise.
  • The hiring manager will read the cover letter, so they will get an impression of the way you would fit in the company’s culture.

Writing skills are nowhere to be found on this list, are they? Still, all hiring managers take them into consideration even if they aren’t specifically focused on them.

The way you present your skills and experience in the resume matters. How you format it matters. The way you write the cover letter matters.

So even if this position has nothing to do with writing, you may lose your chance for an interview if you don’t write well.

That’s when a resume writing service comes into the picture. If you can’t write a great resume or cover letter, you get a single idea: hire a professional writer to do that for you. Fortunately, there are tons of resume writing agencies that you can easily hire. Unfortunately, not all of them are good enough to meet your needs.

I’ve had a really bad experience with a resume agency. I was applying for an important position so I needed it to be perfect, but the writer failed me. That’s when an idea came to my mind: if I had read resume writing services reviews before placing that order, I would have avoided the waste of money, nerves, and time.

So I started searching for such reviews and guess what: I couldn’t find a good, unbiased website with detailed reviews. And I thought: why don’t I start such an online project? I’ll gather a great team and we’ll start helping people find the best writing service to help them with resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and whatever else they need during the hiring process.

How We Evaluate Professional Resume Writers

When you look at a complete review at this website, you should know that our team invested a lot of effort in the process of developing it.

Remember: every single review you see from us has been based on real experience. We interview customers, we evaluate testimonials by real users, and we place actual orders.

This is a completely unbiased reviewing service. It’s not related to any writing agency on the market.

So do you want to know how we craft the reviews that are supposed to provide perfect help with resume?

There are several aspects we pay attention to:

Range of Services

Does a certain service allow you to order only resume and cover letter, or there are other services available?

This is important. When you’re applying for a job, the resume is not the only thing you need. Most of these services cover that need, but not all of them enable you to order cover letters, thank you/follow up letters, and LinkedIn profiles. In addition to these services, you might also need a CV instead of a resume, depending on the job market you want to become part of.

When it comes to resumes, different types should be available. Does the service deliver military and federal resumes? Can you get a career change resume? These are specialized services that require additional training for the writers.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

Let’s say a particular writing service deliver all types of products you need. Is that all you’re interested in? Of course not! You want to know what the price is. Well that’s an important element of our review.

How much does a resume cost? How much do the other services cost? Are there any discounts you can use?

Many services offer affordable prices and discounts, so you get great value for your money there. Others are really expensive, but don’t necessarily offer better quality. We want to direct you towards the websites that are cost-effective.

There’s a pattern that you’ll notice among the top-rated resume writers reviews: these services allow you to order packages of products. If, for example, you want a resume, cover letter, and thank-you/follow up letters, you’ll get a reduced price for the bunch. If you want a LinkedIn profile, too, you’ll get an even better discount.

Writers Certifications and Guarantees

Let’s be honest here: not everyone knows how to write a resume. If you place an order, pay a lot of money, and you end up working with an unqualified writer, you should be up for an emotional rollercoaster. You won’t get a good resume and you won’t be able to do much about it.

So you have to be mindful about the certification of the writers when using an online resume service. We cover that point in our review. We check if the writers are certified and trained to write resumes, so that we can lead you in the right direction.

In addition to certifications, you also need to pay attention to guarantees. These are the most important ones you need from a good writing service:
Timely delivery. What if you order your resume and you don’t get it on time? You’ll miss the application deadline and that would be a real tragedy. You need the service to guarantee that won’t happen.

Unique content! You don’t want to hire a service that delivers the same resume to all its customers. Some services do that. They will only change the name and other important details, but they will write the same generic sentences. That won’t impress an employer, so you need an agency that guarantees writing from scratch with unique results.

Free revisions. If you’re not happy with the resume you receive, the company should offer revisions free of charge.

Interview guarantee. Some of the best services guarantee that if this resume doesn’t get you an interview within a given period of time, they will provide a new one for you.

Quality of the Ordered Product

This is where things get serious. Are the documents good enough to meet an employer’s standards?

You may figure out all above-listed factors if you browse through the website of a service, but nothing gives you hints about the quality. Only reviews based on real experience can do that.

When we discuss the quality of resumes and other job application documents provided by a certain service, you should remember that the evaluations are based on user experience.


Sometimes you go through the website of a particular writing service and it seems just perfect. But then you get to the order form and you realize that you can’t set your own deadline. They say that the resume will be ready in ten days or more, but you need it sooner.

That’s why it’s important to consider deadline options when ordering resumes online. We cover that element in our reviews, too.

Professionalism of the Customer Support

The customer support of a resume agency determines its effectiveness and functionality. If you have questions or you need to provide additional instructions, you should be able to contact a customer support agent.

Some services have great customer support systems that are available during working hours or even 24/7. Others are not that great. You’ll send email after email without getting any answers.

This is another aspect of a service that you cannot figure out by looking at the website. You need reviews for that.

And that’s what we’re here for – to provide the reviews you need before ordering resumes online.