Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn

Did you know that over 80% of the business connections being made on social media go through LinkedIn? This is currently and has been for a long time, the first place where recruiters look for talent, and vice versa. So, if your goal is to connect with more people in the network, find a new great job opportunity on the market, or simply get your name out there – your LinkedIn profile is the place to start.

As a professional, it is highly important to be TopLinked and maintain an excellent profile on this platform. Here are the top 10 tips that should help you build your LinkedIn network.

1. Set a Profile Picture

No one is enticed to open and check a profile of someone who hasn’t bothered to even include a photo to their LinkedIn profile. It gives people the impression that you aren’t active, so it is very unlikely that they’ll view it.

2. Write a Personal Headline

Headlines should be short and personal in order to attract visitors. Also, they should include the main keyword. Do some LinkedIn keyword research before you start writing any content for your profile.

3. Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn URL

On LinkedIn, you’ll get a chance to change your personal URL. Optimize it the best you can to allow more people to find you.

4. Use Bullet Points

Bullet points are better for the eye and therefore, more attractive for the reader. Try to add those instead of long lists in the form of paragraphs.

5. Keep it Up to Date

Always, always update your LinkedIn profile when something changes in terms of education, position, experience, etc.

6. List the Relevant Skills

What skills are you most proud of? List the most relevant skills, the ones you would use to land the job you want to work in. If you want to add some other skills, list the most relevant ones first and the others later.

7. Include Education and Experience

You might want to look at your LinkedIn profile as a type of a resume. This is something that potential clients or employees will check when they consider who to hire, which means that it should include your qualifications and experience. LinkedIn profile writing is crucial for your online success.

8. Remain Active

Check your LinkedIn profile daily. Many people are active on LinkedIn during work hours, so you better be there when they post a job or try to contact you. Otherwise, you may miss out on some very valuable opportunities.

9. Join Some Groups

You’ll soon find out that on LinkedIn, there are plenty of groups people use to connect and expand their network with people with similar interests. Do this yourself to keep your LinkedIn profile active and open up the chance for new opportunities.

10. Be Personal in Your Requests

If you send out the same requests to everyone, this is very easy to detect. Approach people in your field as you would in person. Give it a bit of a personal touch. All your connect requests should be focused and specially crafted, that is if you want people to accept to become members of your network.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to get out there. Use these tips to optimize your chances to grow the network!

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