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Knockemdead went beyond just offering resume services. The creators of the website knockemdead com have published over a dozen e-books you can put in your cart, all with the goal to give you professional tips about your career and your current job. This makes for one of the most versatile sites aimed to help job seekers, as well as any client who needs to write a resume and apply for a specific job position, regardless of their experience.

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Even so, we were a bit intrigued to learn how successful this company is, not just in terms of the quality they provide, but also because of their high prices. is a pricey company and, based on this, we don’t see many people emptying their pockets to order a product or two here. To see what the situation is like, we’ve done our research and wrote this knock em dead resume review.

Services and Quality at KnockemDead

The quality of knockemdead resumes seems to be solid judged by what we’ve read in online testimonials. However, there are quite a few testimonials that judge their pricing system and their support service. This is why we ordered a package for this knockemdead review.

Our experience was positive, but we weren’t as happy with the service as we expected when we paid the outrageous price they charge. This service has a really good range of services and even a selection of books you can buy, but their prices are unrealistically high for the service provided.

The services this company offers include: science and IT resumes, management resumes, professional resumes, military resumes, DIY resumes and optimization, and executive resumes. The service called DIY resumes was not clear to us at first, but it appears that it’s a template you can fill in on your own in order to save some money (not that this option is affordable, either).

Prices & Discounts

The pricing part of this Knockemdead review is the most devastating thing about this service. The cheapest service here is the DIY resume that costs $159. Everything else has an excessively higher price, such as the executive resume that costs whopping $989. In most other companies, the lowest price offered here for the template is the cost of an actual, custom made resume.

Here are the rest of the prices this company offers:

  • Science and IT resumes – $689
  • Management resumes – $789
  • Professional resumes – $589
  • Military resumes – $559

If you’ve seen a couple of companies that offer resume writing, you know that these prices are over the roof. The eBooks come at a reasonable price of around $10 each, but that’s probably not why most customers open this website. The worst part about it is that you only get a resume for such a steep price, without any other job application item included in a package.


There’s not a single mention of guarantees that we found when we researched the site for this Knockemdead review. Some companies guarantee an interview call within a certain period or revisions in case something goes wrong. There’s nothing on the website that resembles similar guarantees.

Online reputation of Knockemdead

Understandably, this company does not have a big audience. Their prices are not something most people can afford, so we hardly found any reviews outside the website. The ones that we read were average and spoke of well-written resumes, but unrealistic prices.


When you order a resume here, you can expect it to be delivered within a few days. The reputation of the service shows that they don’t use templates for the custom resume services, so you can be certain that they deliver original work done by writers.


As we mentioned, we came across some complaints about the company’s customer service. They were right to make such complaints since the support never answered our questions. We only got a confirmation that our order has been processed, and received an email when it was uploaded to our profile on the website. We didn’t speak to any of the company’s agents, not even once.

Knockemdead Usability

The site is professionally crafted and easy to use. When it comes to functionality, has created a very attractive website. They present the prices clearly for everyone to see, which is a plus but still, these prices would push most customers away before they even give the company a chance.

Conclusion is one of the companies that most job seekers run away from because of the high prices. Seeing how this company aims to help people in need of a job, it’s hard to understand why they’d create prices that count hundreds of dollars for a single resume product. Because of this, the company is not popular among its target audience. Another reason why we weren’t happy with the service was the non responsive customer service who never replied to our messages.

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