About Eva

When I’m supposed to write about myself, the first thought that comes to my mind is: I should write how cool I am, but not in a straightforward way. I should just write what I do and what things define me, so the reader can understand how cool I am.

Hey; isn’t that what we all think when writing a resume?

It’s no wonder why those things are so damn hard to write.

So here I am – Eva Wislow, the person behind this online reviewing project.

Who’s Eva, Anyway?

Is this the point when I’m supposed to say that no human should identify with their name, profession, or achievements? Should I start the philosophical talk about finding your true self? No; I’ll leave that to TED speakers for now.
I know you’re interested in the mundane details, since you’re wondering whether or not you can trust the creator of this website. And I’m more than willing to share them with you.

I’m Eva Wislow – a career coach and HR expert from Pittsburg.

I hold a degree in Psychology and Human Resources, so it’s safe to say that I know a lot about hiring processes. I know what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for, and I know what the candidates struggle with. I have experience working in HR for over a decade, and I’ve been working as a career coach for the last five years.

How Did This Website Start?

When I was applying for my current position, I needed a resume. I just found the job ad and the deadline was in two days (!) so I did what anyone else would do: I panicked. Then I thought: “Hey; this is the perfect time for me to try those resume writing services that everyone brags about!”

So I did.

I placed an urgent order and guess what: the resume was a complete disaster. It was obviously based on a template and it was too generic. I wasn’t going to embarrass myself that way.

So I did what anyone else would do: I panicked. Then I spent the rest of the night revising and I finally got a decent resume. Yes; I got the interview and I got the job.

But here’s my point: job applicants shouldn’t go through such a torture. They should be able to find a reliable writing service that delivers consistently good results. So I made it my goal to lead people towards such services because I didn’t lose my faith in the writing industry.

I started researching resume writing agencies and I found several good ones. This website is based on the idea that every job candidate should find a writing service suitable to their budget and needs.

Something More!

A member of the team working on this website suggested I should write something to reveal my personality, so here it comes: I’m that person who’s always challenging herself and other people. Fewer words: I’m pushy.

I want people to go beyond their limits. I want everyone to aspire towards their dream job and get it. I help people do that through my coaching services, but I figured I could extend my outreach with this reviewing website. Plus, I do my best to write useful blog posts that help job candidates understand how employers approach the hiring process.

Since writing services can help you write the perfect resume, CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, they basically push you forward on the career journey. My goal with this website is to help you get a resume that lands you that interview!