When you are searching for a job, you hardly have the money to waste. After all, that’s why you need a job – to earn a living. At this time, spending money on an application might seem like a luxury. However, considering how much a resume and other application pieces, such as a cover letter, can influence a recruiter, this is becoming a more popular option every single day.

There aren’t many companies who let you pay for their service in monthly payments instead of up front, but is one. This is the biggest pro we’ve discovered while researching for this TopResume review. For the remaining details we discovered, keep reading.

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3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
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Range of services

There aren’t many services you can get at, but the most popular ones are definitely there. You can get a resume and even editing of your finished application, a cover letter, and help with the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles are one of the most important tools for professional recognition and can help you land a great job, and thankfully, this is part of the short list of services offered here.

These services come in three packages named: professional growth, career evolution, and executive priority. With the first package, you get a professionally written and formatted resume. The second one combines a resume and a cover letter, as well as a 60-day interview guarantee. And finally, the third one combines these two features and the LinkedIn makeover service, as well as the help of one of their top 10% of resume writers.

Prices, discounts and special features

Since all you can get here are packages that combine one, two, or all three services, there are literally three prices to be discussed. The first package has a rate of $149. The second one costs $219, while the third one comes at a fee of $349.

The career advice page is filled with guidelines for applying for jobs and writing applications and is completely free of charge. You can use it to learn more about resume writing and you definitely should, since the content there is highly insightful.

Discounts aren’t existent on the site or, as far as we could see, anywhere on the website. The rates aren’t very cheap, but thankfully, you don’t have to pay them all at once.

Writers certification and guarantees

There isn’t much written about the experts who work at TopResume, but considering that their reputation is quite good, it is safe to say that they are qualified to write job applications. Thanks to the guarantee that you get if you choose the second or third package, you can ask for a free revision if you don’t get called for an interview within 60 days.

Most guarantees of this kind are valid in 30 days after the delivery of the order, so this one is not ideal, but at least it provides customers with certainty that the service is valid and quality is guaranteed.

Quality of an ordered product

After our experience with the resume and cover letter (we ordered the second package), we can confirm that quality is really good at this company. The second package is a more affordable option than the remaining two, which is why it is the most popular one among customers. Even though the resume package comes cheaper, it is still higher priced than most you can find on the Web.

The resume and cover letter were written with care and formatted as we requested. They were delivered just in time and tailored for the job instructions we sent in addition to the order details.


The deadlines were a bit of a disadvantage we came across, too. There are basically no deadline options to choose from, and the delivery time for an order is much lengthier than that of other companies. You get a draft within a week, and the final package of your choice within two. Compared to companies that write full job applications in a day, this is definitely a problem for those who want to apply and get a job as soon as possible.

Customer support

We’ve discussed the details about the deadline with the customer service since, initially, we couldn’t find this information on the website. After a while, we found it, but thankfully, the agent from the customer service provided us with a response right after we sent our message.

Even though their customer support is fast and very professional, this service could use some minor improvements. Their resume quality is great and proven throughout the years, but the rates are a bit too high considering how limited the list of services is and how long the delivery deadline option is. Since there is no fast delivery and getting the order takes around two weeks for every customer, this might not be the ideal choice for those who need help with their application fast.

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  1. The first draft of my CV at Top Resume was not anything related to the top. There is no straightforward means to order for the cover letter and CV. So, the whole process was confusing. And the price is very high and it is a waste because I didn’t get high quality.

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