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Securing the job interview of your dreams is not an easy task. You need to be very well prepared and present a very well put together Resume. For this, you will need the help of the best professional resumes writers who know exactly how to contour your CV or Resume so that it will attract the attention of the HR department.

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Website Overview

Resume Professional Writers is an online company that promises to help you with any type of Resume or CV. They have a large team of expert writers, but on the main website you cannot check the background of these writers. The website in general loads well, but there is very little high quality information available. For example, we cannot check any free samples, and we could not contact the experts via instant messaging.

Services and Quality

This firm displays the services provided on their website. These services include Resume writing, LinkedIN profile writing, CV writing and federal resume writing. Unfortunately, they do not provide separate editing and proofreading services. We consider these solutions are extremely important, because job seekers need to ensue their documents are 100% clean from mistakes and that they are plagiarism free. In our opinion, resumeprofessionalwriters offers an incomplete list of services.

Prices and Discounts

One of the biggest problems we encountered while reviewing this company was the fact that they do not enlist any prices on the website. Price is an extremely important factor, because job seekers need to know the exact cost of a resume before placing an order. There are companies that charge only $30 per resume, but there are others that can charge even $250+ per one single page of CV writing. We consider that guesswork is not good enough, and that they should display clearly all the prices charged. Even several resume professional writers reviews discuss about the fact that the company is not fair play because they do not expose the costs of their services.


There is one single guarantee offered on their website. This is the interview guarantee, meaning that if you buy resumes from them, the respective firm will guaranteed call you for an interview. From our experience such a guarantee is not even possible. They cannot be 100% sure that a given company will actually call you for an interview. Some more reasonable guarantees would include the plagiarism guarantee, the deadline guarantee or the client satisfaction guarantee. Well, they do not offer any of these guarantees so you should proceed at your own risk with ordering CVs and resumes.

Online Reputation

Online reputation is an extremely important factor. The online testimonials are an exact reflection of the respective company. People like to talk about their experiences, whether good or bad and they are ready to expose any detail that they did not like about that company. There are not too many genuine resumeprofessionalwriters reviews out there. However, we found that about 80% of these are negative testimonials. Customers were not satisfied with the services offered, and they consider the prices charged are incredibly high.

These customers also revealed that they were never called for an interview after using the services of this company. This automatically means their guarantee is not valid at all. Some clients also mentioned about plagiarism in their resumes and about many grammatical errors that needed to be corrected.


In order to check how this service works, we have placed an order for 2 resumes. We can tell you that they have missed our deadline by almost one week, and this is totally unacceptable. Respecting the deadlines is a very important factor, especially when the customer needs to meet a certain deadline with the job application.


Plenty of resumeprofessionalwriters com reviews discussed about the fact at the company has a very poor customer service. Indeed, they do not answer the phone and there is no instant messaging available. How are you supposed to place an urgent order for an important resume if you cannot get in touch with them? Customer service is the heart of every business, but sadly this company does very poorly in this sector.


The website has an overall acceptable usability. The pages load well, but the problem is that customers cannot have access to many quality resources. We wanted to see there a separate section with samples, or even a section with important tips and tricks on how to write the perfect resume. The role of a writing company is not only to sell services, but also to educate its clients. Support is very weak and usability is only mediocre.


It is definitely your ultimate choice if you will hire this company or not. We strongly recommend that you look up a resume writing company that has a good online reputation and a good bbb rating. You cannot afford to lose precious time and money by ordering a CV that will end up in the trash. Take your time to research well, because there are many top trustworthy and affordable sites out there where you can get the required help.

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