review Review is a sub-domain of the one-stop destination for financial information, With a brand to back it, carries a weight of the expectations of its clients. But is it really the ultimate destination for your resume writing needs? Let’s find out here.

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Range of services has no resume writing service of its own. They basically post tips & tricks for resume writing and offer free resume templates. The format of the website is good for people who want to write their own resume. Everything is free so you can easily access all the tips and tools. There are some additional services also available to help you in searching for the perfect job for you or to improve your employability.

Prices, discounts and special features offers services to find a job, custom career paths, and tips to succeed at work. These services are far better than the resume tips and tools they offer. They have done serious research on industry standards and provide tips according to your career path. You can find various posts that can improve your work and family balance too. The content in these categories is genuine and up to date. So, you can use this website to improve your work behavior. But do not expect good standards in resume writing.

Writers certification and guarantees

They definitely have a good authors/copywriters for a blog, but we can’t check out their services so nothing to say here.

Quality of an ordered product has a variety of content to cater to all kind of audience. But the quality of the content is an issue of concern. The tips and tricks are just some age-old philosophies. The free templates for Microsoft Word and pdf are also outdated. You can definitely write a resume with the help of, but it will also feel dated and old like the tips they offer.


Privacy Terms and Conditions of this website clearly state how and where they can use the data of visitors to this website. This website is not configured to accept “do not track” requests from your browser. So, sharing your data with can be a risk. The privacy policy also states that they can share the data with their affiliates for internal business purposes. They also share the analytics and statistical information, to inform the advertisers about their user base.

In case of any security issue, they have provided an email contact, but it is also stated that it is not possible to guarantee the security of information online. There is a bug bounty program run by the website to submit reports on vulnerabilities found on the site.


Couldn’t say nothing, they just didn’t respond to our emails.

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While is a good resource for improving your employability, their resume services are not that good. Mostly their posts are focused on job searching and career planning. So, if you plan to use this website as your primary destination for resume guides you will feel disappointed. Most of the posts are old and they don’t update their resume services very often. Sometimes the content feels plagiarized. The tips I found were very basic and there was nothing that was worth noting. There was a lack of imagination and originality in the resume templates too. I tried some of their resume templates and I wasn’t even slightly impressed by them.

The worst part of using as a resume resource is that the content is very difficult to find. While there may be some useful content on the website, most of it is very difficult to find. The pages are flooded with ads and most of the time you end up getting redirected to some other website. A simple search for the term ‘resume’ brings all the worthless information from the website. This website is a good example of bad designing. I wasn’t expecting such blunder from a brand like the balance.

Overall Experience is a competent resource to find jobs and improve your employability, but it is not a credible resume writing resource. Even after wasting hours on this site, I wasn’t able to find any good resource for resume writing. The templates provided are available anywhere on the Internet and the tips are outdated. This shows a clear lack of research in creating the content. Even though the resources are free, and therefore attracts a lot of users, nothing is actually worthy of the time it takes to find the content.

In my opinion, searching and implementing the resume writing approach of is just a waste of time and energy. I will not recommend this site to anyone who is serious about their career.

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