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Uptade: ResumeEdge is no longer providing resume writing services.

ResumeEdge is a resume writing company, with quite a professional looking presentation website. When you log onto the site, you will be prompted by a message telling that there are new changes underway. We cannot tell what types of changes these are or how they will affect the quality of the services provided, the prices charged and other aspects. Stay tuned to find out many key details about how this company works.

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ResumeEdge Website Overview

Resumeedge has a website that loads well, but there is very little valuable information available. For example, they do not enlist the services offered or some of the prices. Many trustworthy companies enlist these details right on the home page in order to attract new customers. We also noticed that they do not offer any free samples that you can check. We cannot say their website looks like a scam, but it does not look highly professionally either.

ResumeEdge Services and Quality


ResumeEdge offers many tools and service packages that you can choose from. These include the following:

  • Resume writing – there are three types of services you can choose from here: Entry, Professional and Executive. The entry level is adequate for job seekers with 0 to 2 years of experience, the Professional is for seekers with 2+ years of experience and Executive is for seekers working in higher management positions.
  • Cover letter writing services
  • Social media profiles – especially LinkedIN page writing
  • Resume Builder Tools – here you will have to use the available tools and build your own documents without external help. Sadly there are no examples available that you could check.


resumeedge sample

Prices & Discounts

We have carefully checked several genuine resumeedge reviews. Most of the customers here say the prices charged are very high for their limited budget. For example, one Resume for an entry level professional costs $199, while a professional grade resume costs $299. Their most expensive price is for the executive level resume package and this costs about $400. No wonder there are so many complaints available online regarding the priced charged.


Most honest and unbiased resume edge reviews discuss about the poor guarantees offered by this company. In fact they do not offer any clearly outlined guarantees, but only a few promises. These promises include:

  • Experience in the field – all resumes written by writers with experience in more than 40 different fields. However, we could not check one single writer resume or background.
  • Quality guaranteed – this company states their services are backed by the reputable Professional Association of Resume Writers.
  • Guaranteed results – they state that up to 98% of the customers are satisfied with the quality offered. However, we could not verify this fact.

ResumeEdge Online Reputation

For this resumeedge review we have thoroughly researched the online reputation of this company. We found that approximately 50% of the customers are not satisfied with the quality offered or the prices charged. Then, we found one customer who complained about plagiarism in his important Doctor’s Resume.

Deadlines does not always respect the imposed deadlines. We have placed 2 different orders, and we received only one by the required deadline. They missed our other important deadline, and we also found some mistakes in the documents. They did not offer us any revision, and we were quite disappointed.


Regarding customer support, they only have a phone number contact displayed on the website. We wanted to see there an instant chat option and an email address where customers can send their enquiries. We had a question about their cover letter writing services, and we could not reach the experts only after 2 hours of truing to call them. We consider their customer support is not responsive at all.

ResumeEdge Usability

We have tested the website for good usability. We can tell that any job seeker can find quickly the services offered, but the pages load quite slowly. Then, there is no free online calculator available which would help customers see the price before placing an order. As an applicant, you may find it difficult to navigate through the services menu, because these are not well categorized.


We strongly recommend that you should thoroughly check customer reviews and expert reviews before hiring any company. Resume Edge is a company that looks promising, but has not reached yet a good level of trustworthiness. Their prices are among the most expensive on the market, but the quality is not that good. You will also not be able to stay in touch with the writer assigned to your project.

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