zety.com review

Zety.com Review

Zety is an online resume builder that helps you design your resume with the help of templates. The whole process is automated and you simply drag and drop the contents or fields you want in your resume. This process is easy but is the final result professional grade? Read our complete review of zety.com and find out.

4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
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2 out of 5 stars (2.0 / 5)
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Range of services

Zety.com provides just a single service that is, resume building. You can use a cover letter builder too but it’s included in the premium plans. There is no free service and downloading a simple resume will also require a monthly subscription.

Prices, discounts and special features

Zety.com offers a basic Start plan and a Premium plan for its resume writing services. Start plan costs $5.00/month and Premium plan costs $17.99/month. The Start plan gives you access to just 4 resume templates and unlimited creation and downloads of your resume files for a month. The Premium plan adds 14 new templates and a cover letter builder to the functionality or Start plan.

Additionally, there is an option to subscribe to the Premium Plan for 3 months at a non-recurring payment of $34.99.

Zety.com offers a 17% discount if you choose a plan that auto-renews every month. This reduces the cost of Start plan to $4.99 and Premium plan’s cost to $14.99. Among the non-recurring payment plans, only 3-month subscription plan has a 17% discount which makes it cost $34.99 instead of $53.99.

The only additional service provided by zety.com is a cover letter builder. This tool helps you create a professional cover letter that matches your resume. Unfortunately, this tool is available only with the Premium plan of the website. And paying for another tool, that just gives you templates to edit, makes no sense to me.

Writers certification and guarantees

Don’t rely only on review on their site! We found out many reviews all over the Internet that they hiring almost non-native & cheapest copywriters. Zety guarantees you ultimate revision and uniq descriptions, but support tell us that we exceeded our review limit when ask them to re-write copy-pasted  by their writers block of job-title.

Customer support

The resume building process is very simple on zety.com. Firstly, you choose a template for your resume. Then after choosing the color pattern you can simply drag and drop the required fields and your resume is ready. It just takes a couple of minutes to build a complete resume. But then again, this same work can be done on any text editor that offers templates, like MS Word. There is no point in paying for the things that are very obvious and mostly free.

Payments via credit/debit card and PayPal is supported on zety.com. Most major credit card providers like Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. are supported. All the payments are processed by secured servers of Braintree.

The customer support team was a little sluggish in their operations though. The only way to contact them is through the online contact form available on the website and I’ve never encountered a process slower than this. They claim that the support team has resume specialists who can help you out with the websites’ services but it was far from the truth.

Quality of an ordered product

Quality of your resume built with the help of Zety’s resume builder depends on your own writing skills. There is no expert editor available to proofread or improve your resume. Everything in the resume is built from the information you enter. This makes me question their service. They charge a premium price just for a resume that is built using demo templates available on zety.com. The templates are also old and very commonly found on the Internet everywhere. So, in my opinion, there was nothing worth paying for.


There is no issue of delivery as you can download the resume you created instantly. There is an option to download the resume in PDF or txt format also. This is no surprise though, as it is a standard feature for all the resume builders.

Overall Experience

I visited zety.com with a hope that I will get a fully customized unique resume. All my hopes were shattered when I noticed that all this website offers are tools that provide outdated templates to design your resume. This website might be suitable for people who are unable to find such free templates online. Still, charging this much amount of money for a service that is available at little to no cost is not fair. I would not recommend resume builder of zety.com to anyone who wants a professional resume.

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