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A job search process is complicated. You need to make a lot of steps to get a job offer. Interviews, letters, profiles, tests and other things you should do to get a high paying job. Yet, the job search doesn’t start from the interview, you need to get prepared first. And this preparation requires time, skills and in most cases money. Writing a resume is not an easy task for everyone, you need to have writing talent, research market and of course learn what your future employer would like to see in your paper. At this point resume writing services become really hand, because they are continuing job market research and know how it works from human resources pro perspective.

If you are going to order a resume or CV from the team, you might be probably interested if they worth your attention. Before you will find the ultimate research of this team which will help you to decide if they are the company you can get all you need for the job search.

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Resume2Hire Range of services

Resume2Hire states that their team has over 30 years of experience in resume writing, that is why they are capable of providing the following services at the best possible quality:

  • Professional keyword optimized resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Cover letter writing

We were not able to find any information about thank you letters which are also needed. Moreover, this company doesn’t provide CV writing which is essential for the people who are looking for a job in the scientific field. There is no additional interview training or submissions, so you just get a paper you need, and that is all. Yet, in many cases this is not enough even for the person who has experience in job search, not speaking about the first-time employee.

Prices, discounts and special features

When you are searching for a new job, you usually have a really tight budget. That’s why resume writing services, even the most professional ones cannot be costly. Resume2Hire charges $99 for its resume writing package. Which is higher than average. Moreover, they don’t divide their package with the professional levels, that’s why both entry level person and executive will need to pay $99 for their resume, which is unfair for undergraduates who are looking for the new job and there is less work to do for them.

For the service, you can pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. The company doesn’t accept pay pal or bank transfer.

We were not able to find any special features or anything else this team provides. There is no advanced training or resume submission service available. This company is focused on writing and doesn’t offer any extra with its services.

Even for the returning customers, there are no discounts or coupon codes available. The company doesn’t offer any free extras like eBooks or videos to its customers too. is a custom resume writing company which is not the best choice if you are looking for a professionally written resume. They have an average on the market prices without anything special. You won’t get a keyword optimized resume from them.

Writers certification and guarantees

Quality of an ordered product

We placed an order at this service to find out if they create really professional and keyword optimized resumes. Our Alex Clark was a mid-level accounting professional who had amazing math skills and was looking for a high paying job in New Jersey. We filled out the form on the website, submitted an old resume we had and answered all the questions. In 24 hours, we had been contacted by the company representative who asked us several other questions.

In five days after we placed an order, we have got our resume. The design was simple but looked professionally, and it fitted the position Alex was interested in. But the quality of the resume itself was terrible. A writer removed critical details and forgot to include some information about Alex skills. After we have submitted the resume to plagiarism check, we found a similar one in public access. Moreover, our resume was not keyword optimized.


At this service, the delivery consists of several steps. You are placing an order with some details and fill out the form, then you are contacted by the company representative to ask some additional questions. In the end, your paper is delivered to you via email. You cannot download your resume from any online system since the team doesn’t have online storage for its customers.

Customer support

The website is secure, and service looks reliable. They do have a money back guarantee which is a good sign. Yet, when you are ordering a resume from them to pay you are redirected to another website called topresumes.

The website is a little bit old-fashioned. When you pay for the service, you are redirected to another site. Some details are a little bit hard to navigate. Moreover, if you are browsing from a mobile device, you will never be able to find out how to place an order.

Overall Experience prices start from $99 for all levels. They can remove some critical details from your resume, so pay attention. The team has an old website which should be updated.

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