resume is a resume writing service, advertising great prices and top quality services. We decided to have a thorough look at their website. Even though the site looks professional there is very little helpful or educational information available. Moreover, their Samples section contains quite a few irrelevant resume samples. These samples are too complex, and they do not respect the standard size and content of a resume that would help you land a good job.

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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Range of services

Firstly, they do not even have a separate section dedicated to the services offered. We had to contact their customer service to ask them about what services they offer. They told us they can write Cover Letters, Senior Resumes and CVs. We were very surprised to hear they only offer 3 types of services. Most highly reputable resume writing services generally offer content writing services as well, and also professional editing and proofreading of the papers. We consider they are not highly professional, since they offer a very poor selection of services.

Prices, discounts and special features

In our opinion, we had to pay a lot of money for a copy/paste job. In fact, they charge prices for allowing you to use a resume builder application, and sometimes a writer might also work on your paper if you are ready to pay more. They charge ridiculously high prices, and they do not even enlist the prices charged on their website. We paid more than $100 for one page of CV containing very poor quality information. We consider this company is not adhering to the standards of how a fair business works.

As additional features they offer the following:

  • Writing resumes in different styles: Modern,. Creative, Simple, Functional, Professional, College or Executive
  • Career Blog- with information on how to write the perfect resume or where you can read some inspiring stories of different people
  • CV Templates in PDF format

These are the only additional features we can enlist, because there is nothing else available. We would like to see their guarantees, terms, privacy policy sections, free features included with every order and others.

NovoResume does not enlist any types of discounts. Most companies will offer a generous welcome discount of 15% on your first order, and scale based lifetime discounts of 5%, 10% or 15%. This company does not offer any type of discount or free feature. The prices are high, and they are not willing to offer any discount even if you are a loyal customer.

Writers certification and guarantees

They have a blog with helpful tips of resume & CV writing. A good bunch of articles for any specific question about resume structure and details about position liabilities, photo, personal info and so on. Service positionate itself as template market, no nothing said about writers qualification.

Quality of an ordered product

In order to check the quality of the services provided, we have placed an order with this company. We asked them to write a specific CV for someone in the field of Engineering. We offered them all the details such as name, academic background and mentioned a few skills. What they did was to put all this information in a document, and resend it to us. This CV did not contain any special language or added creative content that would help us indeed find the job of our dreams in the field of Engineering. We were completely disappointed with the quality of the document they sent us.


We specifically asked the team to send us the CV within 3 days, because we needed it quite urgently. They did not respect our deadline, and we received the document only after one week. When someone needs a CV within a few days, it means that person must send it to the HR department to apply for a certain job he wants to eagerly get. We consider that companies that are not capable of respecting the deadlines are not trustworthy and professional.

Customer support

On their website, they do not mention anywhere that your personal details are confidential. We know from experience that highly regarded companies offer you an SSL secured platform for making your payments. Then, they guarantee they will not share your personal details with third parties. NovoResume does not enlist any such guarantees. Regarding reliability, we consider this is not a trustworthy and reliable company from many points of view.

The website loads fast, but it is not structured well. We wanted to see there all their services categorized in a logical manner. Instead, they invite you to buy their services and read the advantages of using a resume builder platform. They do not have the instant chat option, so you cannot talk to anyone from customer service. However, they do advertise that people who build their resumes through this platform will get hired by top tech companies in the world. This is quite unbelievable in our opinion.

Overall Experience

We had quite a bad experience reviewing and testing this company. We do not recommend their services, because they are of poor quality. The writers here are not highly professional, and the prices they charge are very expensive. The samples are not representative or reflective of the quality provided, and customer service is inexistent.

The only positive point for this company goes towards the design of their website which is fresh and modern. Other than that, the overall services provided are not suitable for someone looking to get a quality resume or cover letter.

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