review Review is a website offering its customers only the tools for creating resume or CV on their own. It claims to provide top-notch word templates but how will you get to know until you download them or make use of them. Here we share our experience and give a review of its services, quality, prices, and more.

3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
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Range of services

There is no huge list of services offered by It only provides you with the tools or templates. All you have to do is download one of your choices and edit it on your own. No writers are available on this website who will provide you the content or make a CV for you. So, if you looking for a full-fledged resume writing service, this site is not for you.

Prices, discounts and special features

There is nothing to talk about the pricing list because all the CV and Resume templates are free to download. All you have to choose the template of your choice and the PDF template will be downloaded. But as there are no charges, there is no quality authenticity also.

It also offers the resume, CV writing help, and tips on their blogs. But nothing can be said about whether the blogs provide the right information or not. There is also a guide available consisting of the tips for how to get a job, how to write a CV and more. Moreover, it provides you with the websites where you can find the jobs also. Everything is completely free of cost and also completely pointless.

As no prices are there for downloading the templates, there arises no question of discounts also. But if they start offering the good quality templates at some prices, then they can come in the list of good CV writing services. But as for now, they are not good at all for a resume or CV building.

Writers certification and guarantees

Certified writers – absolutely have no idea! Are writers a real English native-speaker with MA, MBA, or PhD degree? Please… We get our low-quality template, which found later as a free one. The writer didn’t spend more than 10 minutes to custom writing.

Customer support

The home page of the websites gives you access to some of the featured templates available on this website. The site itself is pretty simple and everything is well organized. The menu bar gives you access to all the data available on this website. You can choose the design that suits you and can download it. All this can rarely help you find what you actually need. Even if you find a design suitable for you, you will have to go through the pain of writing a resume yourself.

You can’t rely on these templates as all of them are of low-quality and outdated. You can find these templates anywhere. Most of them come integrated with text editors like MS Word. I felt some privacy issues on this site too. They store user’s data and use analytical tools to display ads. There is a full list of websites that can access the data on You can opt out of these settings but it’s a very complex procedure.

The customer service is of no use here. According to the website you can ask them for tips and help with your resume writing but I was not successful at getting any adequate response from their side.

Quality of an ordered product

The quality of content provided in the template is useless as things free of cost are worthless usually. Most of the writing and editing part will be done by you, so, obviously, there will be quality issues. Overall, the results will be of low-quality and browsing this site for inspiration is a waste of time.


There arise no questions on their delivery feature. As they only provide tools and templates to simply download and use. You can also find the resume templates here to create the resume on your own. The delivery is instant and you can start working on your resume as soon as you complete your download.

Overall Experience

I have tried a lot of CV builder websites and was the worst ever service among them all. It was really unprofessional. Although they were not giving good services at all, still they could have maintained the customer support well. But the support was bad and also not responsive. There were not even enough options to contact them regarding any queries.

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